1kg Suedecloth Odds & Ends

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1kg Suedecloth Odds & Ends
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Suedecloth is used as the layer closest to baby's skin, it is a polyester fabric so does not absorb any moisture, but instead wicks it through into the absorbent part of the nappy, and away from baby's skin. Because it does not absorb moisture, it feels dry, keeping baby's skin dry. 

Microfleece is used for the same purpose and is a matter of personal preference as to which one you use. Suedecloth is known for being the cooler and less bulky of the two, and is the most preferred in Australia and warmer climates or times of year, with microfleece being warmer and better for the cooler climates and times of year.



100% polyester

175cm wide
approx 3-3.5m per kg

Odds and ends are items of fabric that have been selected out as being suitable to being sold as normal pieces without disclosure of their flaw.

Odds and ends are a majority of 1/2mts or 1mts pieces cut out during normal cutting, as it is easier for us to cut 1/2 or 1mts as it sits on our bench and put into odds and ends when we find a single flaw.

There are occasionally times where a flaw extends into more than 1mts of fabric, and it creates bigger pieces. We still tend to cut them into 2mts pieces still.

There are start and end of roll pieces, which is often a bit messy.

Odds and ends are full and final. They cannot be returned. They are priced to clear. If you are looking for a specific size, you shouldn't buy odds and ends.