KAM Size 20 Snaps

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KAM Size 20 Snaps
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If you are confused or do not know where to start with snaps, please read our SNAP INFO PAGE. It is full of information about all you need to know to make your snaps order a more informed and pleasant experience.

Size 20 Caps measure 12.4mm in diameter. Size 20 are the most common and suitable for, but not limited to nappies, clothing, sleeping bags, duvet covers - the options are endless. They are the most popular size snap.

Size 20 snaps are also known as size T5


FULL SNAP SETS - Our 100 full sets contain 100 sockets, 100 studs, and 200 caps (400 total pieces). A full set is enough to apply 100 complete sets of snaps. 

You need FULL SNAP SETS if you are new to snaps

SOCKET & CAP SETS - Our 100 socket & cap sets contain 100 sockets, 100 caps (200 total pieces), enough to apply 100 socket (female) snaps only.


Any colours prefaced with "GB" are custom made to match our GreenBeans PUL colours of the same colour name, e.g. “GB AQUA” snaps match the “AQUA” coloured GreenBeans PUL

*NOTE* - B200 Clear Snaps require an Open Throat (OT) die set to apply - while Size 20 Clear Snaps are manufactured in the same size 20 molds, because they are a different grade of plastic to achieve the transparent nature of the snap they set to being a different size finished size to coloured snaps. For this reason you need an "OT" die set to apply them as a standard die set does not work for Clear Snaps. You cannot mix clear snaps with coloured snaps in a garment as they are a different size finished. You only need an OT die set if you have intentions to use Clear Snaps, if you have no intentions on using clear, you should get a standard die set. You cannot use OT die sets for hearts and stars.

B200 Clear Snaps also have a 1/4 life, so last only 3-4 years and break down with UV which relates to the materials used to make them to achieve a clear snap - where as coloured snaps will last for 12 plus years without issue. Combine with the OT die set requirement, 1/4 life, and they are twice the price - most need to think twice about buying/using them.

*NOTE* - B11 Bronze & B13 Silver have a metallic ingredient which makes them weaker - the only way to achieve the B11 & B13 colour shades is the metallic ingredient in them - however this makes them a weaker snap than any other colour and you can visually see a stress crack in the sockets of them from day one. While all other KAM Snaps pass all quality standard and safety standards around the world, B11 & B13 do fail a few of them.

Snaps are a professional fastening system; they replace the need for hook & loop closures on nappies. They also come in handy for a zillion other things around the home, from clothing to duvet covers to hand towels to sleeping bags...

SNAP PRESS & DIE SETS are required to attach these professional grade Polycetal Resin Snaps.

Size 20 Snaps are the most commonly used size, perfect for nappies. Also great for lots of other uses. If in doubt, use a size 20. Size 20 Caps measure 12.4mm in diameter. 

CAP - the cap is the most visible part of a snap, which is the dome that is visible on the outside of the garment. You need one cap per socket or stud. Some people sometimes mix cap colours with the socket or stud they are applying for required visual effects.
SOCKET - is the female part of the snap that joins together with the male – you need one cap to apply one socket to a garment. 
STUD - is the male part of the snap that joins together with the socket – you need one cap to apply one stud to a garment. 
3-1 RATIO - most people use 3 sockets to 1 stud when making MCN’s, giving a 3-1 ratio. Socket & Cap sets are available because you usually use more sockets than studs on your nappies. To buy a 3-1 ratio, you need to buy 1 full set, and 2 socket & cap sets. Most people start out buying full sets, and topping up their socket and caps later on, but if you are trying to get everything in one hit to save on postage, and are using for nappies, a 3-1 ratio is a good guide.