Zelor Double Cap Rivets

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Zelor Double Cap Rivets
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The highest quality rivet money can buy - and here under the Zelor brand. 

Are you looking for an option where the cap of both rivets doesn't deform visually when applied - even in a manufactures supplied die set? Well look no further - these apply perfectly and look as they do in the packet prior to application.

Also so far in the testing we have done - the length of the stems doesn't matter - so using a long 10mm stem on a very thin garment will apply the same as if the stem was shorter.

9mm diameter rivets have an 8mm long stem

8mm diameter rivets have a 7mm long stem

6mm diameter rivets have a 6mm long stem


You MUST order the right size die set for the rivets you are applying. 6mm requires a 6mm die set. One die set DOES NOT apply all sizes.

We sell the die sets for the DK93 press

You also MUST order a hole die to make the hole in the garment first to apply the rivet into. The Zelor rivets have a blunt point on them, and will not in any circumstance self pierce through the layers of fabric you wish to apply them.


To add the HOLE DIE to your cart: Select "Hole Die Set" from size, in the size you require (this is the diameter of the hole it makes), then the appropriate one for the press model you have

To add the RIVET DIE SETS for each / any size rivets you are purchasing to your cart:  Select the appropriate size from "size", then select "DK-93 Die Set" from "colour"

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