Colours Sew-On Hook and Loop Clearance

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Colours Sew-On Hook and Loop Clearance
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Industrial hook & loop at wholesale prices. 

Flexible and strong, this heavy duty sew-on hook and loop tape is suitable for any sewing application, or where you prefer to use your own adhesive to attach it to your desired surface.

This is the recommended option for outdoor use, or other uses where the tape will be repeatedly wet. Simply use an adhesive best suited to the material it is to be attached to, or machine or hand stitch in place.

Ideal for home or industrial use, here you can buy hook & loop separately so you choose how much you need of each part and not be forced to buy product you don't need!

Hook is the rough, scratchy part; loop is the soft, fluffy part . Sometimes people will purchase their loop to be a greater width than their hook tape.