GreenBeans Metal Ring Snaps

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GreenBeans Metal Ring Snaps
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Snaps are a professional fastening system; they replace the need for hook & loop closures on nappies. They also come in handy for a zillion other things around the home, from clothing to duvet covers to handtowels to sleeping bags...

SNAP PRESS & DIE SETS are required to attach these snaps.
We have all the dies to apply these to suit both DK93 and the DK98 in this listing under each size option.

To add the die set for each / any size of the GreenBeans metal ring snaps you wish to apply, select the  appropriate size from "size", then DK-93 or DK-98 die set (depending on your press model) from "colour"

CAP - the cap is the most visible part of a snap, which is the dome that is visible on the outside of the garment. You need one cap per socket or stud. Some people sometimes mix cap colours with the socket or stud they are applying for required visual effects.
SOCKET - is the female part of the snap that joins together with the male – you need one cap to apply one socket to a garment. 
STUD - is the male part of the snap that joins together with the socket – you need one cap to apply one stud to a garment.