DK-93 Manual Snap Press and Screw in Die Sets for Grommets

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DK-93 - Manual Snap Press
DK-93 - 4mm Grommet Die Set
DK-93 - 6mm Grommet Die Set
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DK-93 - 8mm Grommet Die Set
DK-93 - 10mm Grommet Die Set
DK-93 - 12mm Grommet Die Set
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DK-93 - 5mm Plastic Grommet Die Set
DK-93 - 7mm Plastic Grommet Die Set
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DK-93 Manual Snap Press and Screw in Die Sets Grommets

This Heavy Duty Commercial Snap Press is the best place to start. It is made by KAM. You need a press along with a matching sized die set to apply grommets.

We find this model more popular and recommend over all other manual press machines because the function of having to screw in the die set is basic and simple, and far easier than having to have tools handy every time you want to change between die sets.


You require a matching die set for each and every item you wish to apply with the press

To attach 8mm grommets, for example, you need:

1. A snap press

2. An 8mm grommet die set

3. 8mm grommets


Grommet die sets are a four-piece set: two pieces to create the hole, two pieces to apply the grommet.

The hole cutting die sets currently supplied do not deliver the best results. To make them work in most cases, the top die set needs to be unscrewed slightly and left loose and floppy in the top - with a firm jerk motion on the press handle. Press down firmly and quickly; it works best if the press is sitting lower than hip-height, so you are pushing rather than pulling.  Getting down on the floor with it usually delivers the best performance if you are shorter than 165cm! Even then with some fabrics like leather or vinyl - they will only cut half a hole if a hole at all.

We continue to try to find a better hole die set solution. Cutting hole issues are more pronounced in the larger sizes, so where you don't have any issue in 4 or 6mm products, in the 10 or 12mm options you struggle to make an indent in the textile you are trying to cut a hole in.



You can use this press to apply rivets, metal snaps, KAM snaps and more... You simply require the matching die set for those items

You can find the die sets for applying other items, such as metal snaps, KAM Snaps and rivets, in their respective categories


Directions for assembly: see the video at the bottom of this page


Please note, these presses are produced intended for industrial use, so the focus is on function rather than a pretty finish. It's recommended that you give it a wipe over before letting your precious fabrics near it as they may have grease or other residue on them. They are brand new and direct from the factory - we could clean and beautify each one before sending, but then you wouldn't be getting them at this awesome low price.